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To easily download JDownloaderis files, you can quickly and efficiently download file service files such as Mediafire, 4Shared, and others.

Download the best support services

Downloading files service files can be a time-consuming process, especially due to slowing down and download speed. It offers many features, but this program prevents and enjoys downloading smoothly and easily manages downloads

As anime:With jDownloader you can create a very long list of downloads so you can manually download them one at a time or save a lot at the same time. Time

Here are some examples of the programs you see:

– Stop getting your daily download limit

– Enter a free IP account for a free account

– Let the manicure at the same time as you like, as well as by different guests

– The account management services provided by ExcellentpremiumEscurrent support services

– Remove if you want to pause and continue

It is not uncommon in this jDownloader. Sometimes downloading can only be restored, but it often does not happen, in general the program is good and well done.

Users are also suitable for outgoing users

Using JDownloader is easy: In most cases, copy the page URL (RapidShare or other file hosting service) that is downloadable. Sometimes files bigFiles are distributed in compressed files (usually RARs): jDownloader recognizes the various addresses that you copy and “clip” to the clipboard. automatically This means that you can copy many URLs of the program without asking for anything.

You have immediately added Internet addresses. Add a URL URL and click “Play” to start the download of the user interface.

If you do not have a premium account hosting service that you download,you should wait before downloading (on average 1 minute) you have In this case jDownloader controls the process without doing anything.

Other restrictions Free accounts of some of the guests, highlighted by the bad day offset by the bad. You have to wait a while to reach this limit to restart the download. With jDownloader, however, you can immediately download a new IP “new”.

Click on ‘Get a new IP button’ (two blue arrows aboveon the user interface) and in a few seconds (but in a few hours!) DownloadYou’ve started

Full download manager

Someone downloads files, even when it comes to breathing, the WebWill values ​​in jDownloader’s file support services for some reason: it makes your life a bit easier. It has to be a full service load manager.


Start the nose scheme in the main menu JDownloader

Some improvements were made with different plugins like Hotfile, Fileserve,File4safe, Shragle and others updated.


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Want to limit which programs can be used on your system? Application Locker – is a simple program that prevents the opening of certain programs.

Locker application really useful for parents who want to limit their children when using the computer, aboprostacertain programs have been achieved by other users. It is limited to locking Exe files so you can not use it to lock it on the dashboard is embarrassing. However, things like Firefox and IE can easily be blocked, obmezhuyuchisDostup Internet.

abaronapragramLokeris not available, so anyone who opens it can unlock a locked program. However, if you set it as an administrator on the computer, and install it, it will only be available to the administrator, it will be effective.

Paznachytskarystalnikav as a way they do not wantto use a particular program, this is not enough. It comes using a PDF file, although it’s completely useless! To add a program to the block list, just enter the exe file name potribnoschob, not difficult, but you can not be asked prykladannyadlya add.

to ensure safetySoftware Locker Software – is an easy way to keep some programs out.


Дата публикации: Январь 5, 2018

Met Luisa Miller Live 2018

Fathom Events and The Met: Live in HD are the release of Louise Miller, who lives on Saturday, April 14, in selected theaters. Plicido Domingo is a star in this rare gem, a heartfelt tragedy of parental love. Sonya Ioncheva sings the main role of Peter Bekzal in her first performanceSaturThey met more than ten years.


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GiliSoft Movie DVD Creator v6

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These programs can create a DVD disc and, 400 to download music offered in the report. The world so you can create a video almost all forms of files, WMV, MPEG and others.

When your project was created in the Movie DVD Creator, and it is in support, and that can be more easily, not the memory of the player in front of the TV, and his own flag, to see the views that nobody will be prevented of making computer -)is between things for others, weithreduCefnogaeth After adding the ISO images of the video, cnwdio can add a hyphen, add an image and perform other similar issues.

Competition, soft Gili

License: Shareware

Language: English

Size: MB



1. Run and install

software use data 2. crack in the registry.

3. Completed.

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Format Factory

Factory Format is a multifunctional converter that converts all video, audio and image files. Filling, powerful and free, is the necessary conversion tool.

Many conversions

Before transferring files to mobile devices (iPhone, iPad or Android), consoles (PS3, Xbox 360 and PSP) or play discs on a television orbit system, you may need to change the compatible format on your device .

Format is a comprehensive version of the softwareFactory. All format files for formats in the format of multimedia formats, including audio, video and image, and many options for output format. Italso lets you customize small, medium, and high quality settings from your files.

In the Factory Format, you also get some bonus features, complete CD and DVD content on your computer, as well as the opportunity to join video and audio files.

How todoes it work?

To convert the formatting file to a file, everything happening on the left occurs in the sideof interface. It lets you choose the destination (audio, video, image) and encoding you want to use. For video conversion, we recommend using the “Mobile Device” option by selecting the format you have.

The built-in format lets you convert files to groups for convenience. Some are advancedoption is available and, therefore, a minimum configuration can be made, but this means simple use. Full support for beginners is also available, which describes the features of the software.

FormatFiles can be available in 62 languages, and you can customize the interface with 4 types. For those who do not want to install the computer, you can download the version version, for example, using the USB key.

The conclusion

Ifyou want to convert your player files to your mobile phone, tablet, console, aCD, DVD or your E-mail reader, or convert it to another file If you are looking for an integrated software, the best solution in Format Format.


Дата публикации: Январь 3, 2018

Adobe Creative Suite 2

Adobe offers a free download Adobe CS2 serial numbers that are on their website. While all can be set by software customers who have already purchased a license for Adobe CS2 only offers an extra service.

Adobe Creative Suite 2 is a series of photographicApplications and Web sites that were originally brought back in 2005.

Available applications include Adobe Creative Suite2 follows:

Creative AdobeCS2 room (standard) Acrobat 3D (Windows) StandartnyAcrobatAcrobat ProClyweliadGoLive CS2Darlunydd CS2MewnCopi CS2InDesign CS2Photoshop CS2Elfennau PhotoshopAdobe Premiere Pro is the numberApplications for the room, but it is very useful to graphic designers and web. Currently, the latest version of its Adobe Creative Suite 6 on its current generation, offering plenty of updates from Adobe Creative Suite 2. WCatch, old users will be happy to know that the softwareIt disables the modern operating systems such as Windows 7 and 8, vstanovkaRezhym Capability software.

Photoshop is still quite useful for users of Adobe Creative Suite 2, offering basic tools for editing images. Customers who are looking for alternatives, for freePhotoshop, GIMP want to try.

TakAdobe Acrobat Pro is also very old. The most recent version of Adobe Acrobat XI Pro. Users who want to see a simple clock format, you can download Adobe Reader or Foxit Reader downXI.

It is nice to see, Adobe, that enables users to continue to use Adobe CreativeSuite 2, but more modern and free applications that can serve you better.


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Brigador Up Armored Edition All Saints

Brigador restored in 2017 with extensive inaugural missions, easier localization and revamped control, and advanced light effects and its mechanic isometric UgovoromBrigador roguelit strong tactical battles. Play as a mercenary pilotavhto publishes his planet, looking for big profitsand map of the planet. All pilots entering earn money that can be used to unlock more destructive vehicles, weapons and challenges. Find the right load for their style igranjai shoot Solo world city with vashymgroshy or try to dieFeaturesUnlock56 different robots, reservoirs, airport, 40 different weapons, 100% destructive environment Extended 37 companies missions with constant support and update mode programeraPrikazan 20+ freelance folders with different complexity and challenge for vsihvzrovni commitment vještinaPozivanje and dark science fiction iloreOriginalnisoundtrack through Vaniti makeup set the time for 2 hours of recognized synthetic music

System Requirements:

Operating System: Windows Vista or later.

GHz or faster

Memory: 4 GB of RAM

Graphics: ATI Radeon 5770 / NVIDIA GTX 460 or Better

Storage: 1 GB free space


Дата публикации: Январь 2, 2018


Audacity can fix all the formats for free.

Free products and music, sound effects through every mix of music and video.

Professional function

Audacity brings professional professional recording and recording. Audio recordings and audio clips are available. The result is a list of the number of supported supported formats. Audacity has a hearing ear that has a lot of impact on document scanning and frequency frequency analysis of the panel. If necessary, you can also open the Audacity pluginsfree from the maker’s website.

Set up on your fingers

The user places each location in the Audacity user screen. There will be cutting orders, copies and will allow you to keep track of you. You can also connect Audacity to your microphone to add your own audio streams.

Audacity shows the work of cinema musicians. In an emergency, everything that is not enough can be useful!

Audacity Can reach professional design project level. The interface looks a bit, and sometimesrejected. In our check, the app has been broken down several times.

Conclusion: Excellent sound editor

Audacity will not integrate you all the time. The comfortable range of tools and effects, you can achieve good quality in small production. Remember that you need less training and patience to get the most equipment. You’ll find more information about the software on your website, Or, if you want to download another option, you can try the WavePad Editing Software or EditorNero Wave.


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Tomb Raider 2018

Lara Croft, an independent, false woman, in a lost adventure, needs to overcome her boundaries when her father disappears on the island. Lara Croft is a very independent independent adventurer, when she is bored with teens. Now twenty-one women are not intended or intended, Laras runs the chaotic road of East London as a bicycle runner, rarely recruits and rarely takes part in lectures. After that, I decided to complete his path,because he did not recognize the brains of his father’s world realm, because he asserted himself to be true. After seven years of dealing with these events, he has to be advised without him, although Laras can not understand how to hide his mysterious death secretly. From now on he went against his final desire, knowing that he was the last person to know everything: a small tomb of the Itumitos island is located outside the Japanese coast. But his role will not be easy; The island is very dangerousit would be. Suddenly, the stake can not be …

The Tomb Raider Movie is based on an action action video game of 2013, which rescues Lara Croft’s origins as Tomb Raider becomes beautiful and beautiful. After revealing the instructions left by his father in England, he took on the island of Lara with a Japanese style, a great hiding place and adventure.

Language: English

Subtitle: Na

Classification: NO

General publication date: March 15, 2018

Genre: Action / Adventure

Time:not available

Distributor: Warner Bros. picture

Players: Alicia Vikander, Walton Goggins, Daniel Wu, Dominic West

Director: Roar Uthaug

Format: 2D


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Criminal Minds Season 13 Episode 2

Lorem budget better if one includes the FBI, which human minds in the country, most analyzes predict that the robbers then moved before slapped. The play is the chief criminal mind Hotchner Thomas Gibson Aaron, Joe Mantegna is a Senior Special Agent David Rossi, Accounting, and Shemar Moore Special Agent Derek Morgan supervisor, Thomas Gray Gubler acting as principal supervisor, Dr. Ornament, Spencer Reid, A. Cook, as Special Agent Robert J. “J” Jareau, AdamNota that Rodriguez expert LukeAlvez and Kirsten Vangsness as Penelope Garcia analyst.